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With a dedicated Reefer team at our Marseilles headquarter and a large network of experts in more than 85 countries all over the world, CMA CGM is renowned as one of the most skilled partner for any shipment requiring controlled atmosphere, temperature or humidity.

Not only can we provide you with the right tools for your cargo, but our Reefer specialists will also dedicate themselves to work for and with you on the development of innovative solutions for any of your cargo needs.

Timo Tessen

Managing Director of Teconja

We see our business relationship with CMA CGM as a real partnership. Its dedicated Reefer team always keeps its words, find solutions when unexpected events occurs and are always open for innovations. But the most important of all: they deliver!

Key Benefits

? The most technologically advanced fleet in the industry

With an average age of seven years, our Reefer fleet is one of the youngest and most technologically advanced in the industry and integrates the last innovations in terms of efficiency and service.

?A Tailor-made customer service

Our dedicated Reefer team carefully follows up each special reefer product.

? A large variety of Reefer Services

Including sophisticated controlled atmosphere containers (monitoring Oxygen and CO2 levels into the units) or unique deliveries like Reeflex for liquids, Aquaviva for live seafood or pharma premium package.

Shipping finished products like drinks, semi-finished ingredients or raw liquids is a delicate business that demands special attention and care.
Discover our most advanced solution for the transportation of liquids.

ClimactiveControlled Atmosphere
For the most perishable goods, a specific temperature, level of humidity and air quality is required throughout the voyage.
Learn more about this service.

Always striving to offer a large range of innovative solutions for sea transportation, CMA CGM introduces AQUAVIVA: the new generation of container allowing the safe transportation of live lobsters and in the future live seafood.
Discover our innovative solution for seafood transportation.

Pharma SolutionsPharma Solutions by Sea
Discover our GDP compliant-service to safely carry your pharmaceutical products.
Learn more about our Pharma Solutions by Sea.

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